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Generally, I can write about anything, but I do appreciate it when you give me the specifics. I love writing about anything and everything under the sun and I will conduct research if I'm not very familiar with the topic. My rates depend on the length of the articles. For more details, please email me.

Feel free to contact me at my business email: marigilliangallardo@gmail.com


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My name is Mari Gillian Leandra B. Gallardo, otherwise known as Sunny the Egg Princess. I recently started working for a writers agency, hence, the birth of this blog. I've always enjoyed writing and expressing my thoughts, which is why I think my work and I are quite compatible. In this blog, I will write about my hometown and maybe places I will travel to in the future.

I hope you enjoy reading through my blog as much as I enjoy writing for it.




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Spread the page, you never know when someone needs to read the ins and outs of being a pre-med student who likes to eat or travel. Or, submit letters to the blogger, I like reading from my audience as well. I hope you enjoy your visit.